Jose Mejia’s FK8 Civic Type R From Club Racer Reunion Weekend…

Originally I had planned to just include this in the Club Racer Reunion Weekend coverage being that it was all shot on the same day at the same time but the more I thought about it, the more I felt that these photos should get their own separate post. I know many of you who have followed me through the years may be a bit surprised to see Jose’s FK8 CTR on my site because of his association, but I already let bygones be bygones so long ago that its hardly even an issue. For those who know what I’m talking about—it’s old news. I’m just here to enjoy cars. Even if there were an issue, it wouldn’t really be Jose’s fault because he wasn’t necessarily involved in any perceived ‘drama’ that had happened in the past…

Jose Mejia, better known as “Type_R_Jose” to the online automotive community, is a solid dude. I like what he’s about. The guy is a straight shooter and he doesn’t try to hide who he is. I appreciate that. I’ve been watching his FK8 Civic Type R progress over the past few months and it’s honestly one of my favorite FK8 builds currently. A friend of mine, Ken Suen, is also involved with the build so I know the quality of work is there. His Type R still has so much potential when it comes to being a race car but that’s not really my department. If it’s fast that’s great, I just enjoy it in terms of overall styling. I like what he did with the Spoon Sports front and making the center section white even though it was Spoon Sports’ intention for the entire center portion to be black. It looks better with that contrast touch and helps the flow of the car. The Advan GT wheels are a good fit, the front splitter is an aggressive touch, and color-matched roll bar stands out when you get a glimpse through the windows…

It’s just a very good-looking, functional, build. When day 1 of the Club Racer Reunion Weekend came to a close, I asked for access to the track to potentially shoot some cars on the track. Duane Bada asked me which car I had an mind and Jose’s immediately came to mind. The setting sun and the beautiful track really made for some great visuals. I had no expectations since I hadn’t actually even looked at the track all day, but I’m so glad that I had the opportunity. We hopped into my Pilot, Der and I grabbed our cameras, and Duane got behind the wheel to give us a guided-tour of Chuckwalla Valley Speedway…


















Thanks for looking!…

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