From Broken NSX To Breaking Records, The Road To 1:44.768… CHRNCLS Vlog 2020 #29

Well, it finally happened…The Koyorad x RS Future K-turbo NSX is fast—REALLY fast. And after nearly three years of development, it’s also the NEW Super Lap Battle “Street Class” overall champion and record-holder. It wasn’t easy, I’ll tell you that. I’ve had the pleasure of watching this car come to form from the very beginning as a stripped-down bare shell. People didn’t understand the concept of utilizing a turbocharged K-series engine in an NSX at first. To most, it just seemed like a ‘cool idea’ but the C30/C32 engine was Honda’s flagship 6-cylinder powerplant. To some, it was automotive sacrilege to put a modern Honda 4-cylinder engine in an NSX. The doubters were only proved right when the car continued through its development stages and repeatedly ran into issues. It was a bit disheartening to see the car not reach the level of success that we had hoped for but everyone involved knew that it would be a long process. Things started to turn around at the start of 2020 when the gearbox issues that had halted development were relieved thanks to a Samsonas Motorsport dogbox. The NSX really started to move after that. As Amir Bentatou got more comfortable, and even more confident, behind the wheel, we knew that there was a strong possibility it would finally see the success we had envisioned for it at Buttonwillow Raceway. Sit back, take a trip down memory lane with us as we venture back to the beginning, and relive all the emotions that came when the clock hit 1:44.768…

Joey Lee (@stickydiljoe)
Amir Bentatou (@RS Future )
Kristian Wong (@studytuned)
Global Time Attack (@Global Time Attack )
Ryan Der (@ryan.der)

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  1. It’s great to see the progression of this NSX. I loved how you incorporated that into the video through flashbacks. Builds like this one still give me hope of being able to own an NSX some day since I’ll probably have to resort to the same tactic as Amir and find one with a blown engine or torn apart.

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