Notable Builds From JCCS & Autofashion VIP Festival!!… CHRNCLS Vlog 2021 #25

It really feels like this entire past month has been filled with non-stop events! I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but boy has our weekends been busy. You guys got a glimpse at what was special about this year’s SEMA Show but before that week-long event took place was the annual Japanese Classic Car Show. Because of all that’s been happening, the event had to be moved from Long Beach to Angel’s Stadium in Anaheim, which changed the entire vibe of the original event series! It can be debated on whether or not this change was a good one but I will say one thing, this year’s JCCS was HUGE. I don’t even think I walked the entire thing. I did spend some time finding some of the builds that stood-out to us though.

After that I took off to SEMA for a few days and came home to remember that the annual Autofashion VIP Festival was taking place that Sunday. I took a day off on Saturday to recover and then drove all the way down to San Diego to show my support. Like a dummy though, I forgot my tripod which made getting B-roll a little difficult. Somehow I did manage though, see for yourself!…

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