Grip Or Drift, WHO WINS???…

Just when I think things are winding down, even more events appear! Recently, the guys from Final Bout, a popular drift series, contacted the organizers of VTEC Club USA to see if they wanted to link-up to create a new one-of-a-kind event. They wanted to see if they could take their drift cars, set them up for grip, and take on some seasoned (and very fast) Honda time attack competitors. Would their skills and their cars stack-up against some of the best at the famed Willow Springs Raceway? I was intrigued myself so I wanted to see for myself! I’m sure this would present a pretty unique group of cars as well so I definitely did not want to miss out…

After that, I stopped by BOWLS in downtown Los Angeles because I was invited to attend a private Yokohama Tire event. They plan to release some pretty great apparel soon and wanted to celebrate the release with car enthusiasts that they support. I thought I’d finally be able to get some sleep after that one but early the following morning, there was another car meet to go to—this one being hosted at our very own facility….

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