The One Where Our Friends From Japan Experience California Car Culture…

Finally after 3 years, Yasu is finally back in America! It feels like it has been forever since he’s been back and he even brought our friend Ryuji from NO GOOD RACING with him. A lot has changed over the last few years so he definitely had a lot to catch-up on. With it being Ryuji’s first-time in America, we wanted to make sure he had the best experience here in California. Luckily, there seemed to be a plethora of automotive events happening every week here. That’s just one of the many perks of living out here I suppose. Whatever they wanted to see, we found it whether it be car shows, meets, lowriders, the American Honda Collection Hall, etc. We did it all. This episode consists of our many adventures during the past few weeks with bits and pieces of everything we experienced. I know it seems like Yasu is typically the one showing me around Japan but it was time to return the favor and catch him up on all the amazing things our car culture has to offer…

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Joey Lee (@stickydiljoe)
Yasutaka Shimomukai (@exceed_jpn)
Ryuji from No Good Racing (@nogoodracing_1985)
Ryan Der (@ryan.der)

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Timeline for your viewing pleasure:

0:41 Intro and our new Voltex hood is here!
3:14 But where is our Voltex rear diffuser??
6:17 Voltex installation time!
9:22 Wekfest Los Angeles
12:16 Where’s all the WFLA footage??
13:59 Yasu’s ride for the weekend…
15:19 The American Honda Collection Hall opening
20:37 Oh yeah, Ryan Der got his carbon fiber hood too!
25:47 Ryuji wants to see lowriders so we found him lowriders
31:20 The Chronicles Fall Gathering!!
37:13 Petersen Automotive Museum with Sebastian
40:13 Unveiling the Spoon Sports FL5 race car
43:04 End Credits and added footage from BOWLS

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  1. Haven’t had this exciting fun of a video from Chronicles in awhile! Glad you all were able to show Yasu and Ryuji around and have a good time.

    Energy WAS def different though without Yuta. Wish he was there with you guys this time around.

    Would’ve been really cool to see him roll with the Japanese guys as well.

    I thought Yuta made The Chronicles POP just about the direction everything was headed with the content and all the car videos around him. Yuta’s overall knowledge and unique insight made The Chronicles very exclusive with the way it wanted to present its distinguished tastes.

    The Chronicles was very lucky to have him on board.

    The Raw Heart collab is something I look forward to seeing more of not only with Der and the team but maybe Yuta again.

    Anyways, always a next time right?…. : )

    Happy holidays to everyone!

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