Official details on the GENERATIONS Line-Up for Nisei Showoff…


I don’t think it is necessary for me to reiterate how important the GENERATIONS line-up is to the Honda community. I mean, it is literally one of the biggest and best collection of Honda builds past and present at any automotive event. The Infamous show is going to do well and I wish them the best of luck. They probably don’t need it because people go crazy over anything Fatlace-related, but I really do hope that they do well. In the larger scale, bigger scheme of things, sure Infamous is competition for the Nisei Showoff event but for me personally, I don’t really see it that way. I’ve been around long enough to see that the Fatlace/Hellaflush/Canibeat scene consists of a somewhat different demographic than the people that would go to a Nisei Showoff event. Showoff is more for the older automotive enthusiasts who go to shows just to look at cars. Infamous has a lot of other stuff going on like BBoy battles and what not and is a “lifestyle event” mixed with car stuff. Showoff is a show that consists of a more old school way of thinking. It exists solely to cater to enthusiasts who want to see builds and who want to chat with their fellow enthusiasts about cars. I came up with the idea to do the GENERATIONS line-up because I wanted to pay homage to the older guys who paved the way for the younger crowd and to get car people together. More importantly, I created it to bridge the gap between old school Honda guys and the current crop of guys who are still active in the community. For me, it’s a wonderful thing to be able to open the lines of communication to one another and to be able to check out some Hondas that were important to the growth of our scene. It honestly doesn’t interest me that much to see the “lifestyle” side of the import scene because, well, I’ve been living the lifestyle for a long time now. I think that the difference between the shows is very clear; you go to Infamous to see everything that is involved with the import scene… music, clothing, cars, models, etc. You go to Nisei Showoff if you want to concentrate on cars specifically. Ken has done a great job to bring in some new, different elements to the event but let’s be honest… while the new stuff is great and a plus for people attending, it won’t sway people to come to Nisei if they already had plans to attend the Infamous show. GENERATIONS was put together to unite enthusiasts. I’ve taken the time over the last couple of months to bring together a very special group of guys/gals…people who love Hondas and believe in the brand that helped shape the import automotive industry. It would be a pleasure if you came out to enjoy the moment with us and to see amazing builds from the last decade-plus. But real talk…I am just satisfied with being able to get 70 Honda heads together, all people with varying personalities, with different lives, and of different ages. Many of the people you will meet are older enthusiasts who have grown up and have made significant changes in their lives over the years. They have careers, families, children but still have one thing in common…the love of cars and Hondas in general. To be able to get this group together was a monumental task that I am very happy with achieving. I am proud to say I was able to accomplish this feat because I honestly don’t think anyone else would have been able to. Take that how you will, but it was not easy. I had a lot of help and some great minds involved and that’s why I say this is a one time opportunity. I doubt I will ever even attempt to do something like this again. When you’re younger and have less priorities in your life, it’s very easy to just drop everything and go to a show to fucking kick it. Many of us don’t have that option anymore. We’ve all made sacrifices to make this line-up happen. Again, much respect to Fatlace and Canibeat for throwing the Infamous event. It will be great, I have no doubts. I also don’t doubt that some of the people putting that event together would be coming to Nisei Showoff if it wasn’t the same day. The choice is your’s to make. Hell, why not go to both events. If it were up to me I’d probably try to make it out to both as well since they are both on very different ends of the spectrum.

I don’t tread the waters to splash around, I do it to make waves.

There are certain cars that are not able to make it to Nisei. As with every major show, things happen, time constraints present itself, parts don’t come in on time… it’s expected. With right around 75 Hondas, I thought that the success rate wouldn’t be as high as it was but everything (fingers crossed) is looking amazing so far. We’ve lost maybe 2 or 3 cars because of the reasons I explained, but barring any major catastrophes, You’re going to see pretty much every Honda there that I’ve listed below. Last week, I presented a modified list of all the participants in the GENERATIONS line-up and conveniently disguised some of the names to add an element of surprise. Today, I have included the complete list. The show is literally days away and I think it would be great now to leak the list on the web so you guys can see just exactly who will be there. Many of the names you will recognize, many you haven’t heard of, but if you’re a true Honda head, chances are you will recognize the names. There are some Hondas on this list that I myself have not seen in years. A couple of them I have only seen photos of just like you and haven’t even had a chance to encounter them myself in the past. There are a lot of Hondas that you may be very familiar with because they are still active in the community. Some of you may say “well what’s so special about those cars? I’ve already seen them”. They are a part of the group because I feel they are important to the bigger picture. I think that many of us take advantage of the great builds we see sometimes just because we have seen them on more than one occasion. Take time to appreciate these builds like never before because you will take something home with you that you will remember and it will make your own build better. Taking a look at some of the older Hondas from the past will also help you to develop a better appreciation for what you see today. We have made huge strides over the years and it is very easy to forget that because things move so quickly here in Socal.

Here is the important information for Saturday’s event… If anyone asks you where Nisei is and what not, give them this info or link them to this post…

  • Nisei Showoff 2012
  • Date: 8-11-2012
  • Time: 11am-7pm
  • Location: 100 N. Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

Here is the basic floor plan of the event just off the top of my head from what Ken showed me when we had our meeting on Monday. If you have gone to Nisei Showoff before, than you should be familiar with the lay-out. I am still in the process of figuring out how to arrange the cars but you can see below on the map where you can find us when you come inside the venue…


Pretty easy to understand right? I’m sure we won’t be hard to find since the group is so large. There is plenty of other stuff going on that day as well so please make sure to come out and see what we’re doing. It’s hard work . You’re also going to see a pretty large collection of Scion FR-S as well as cars from TWCompetition, R-Rydes, Team Hybrid, etc. As you can see from the chart, It’s JDM Yo!! will also be in the house and they will be located where my booth was last year. Come by and say what’s up. Don’t be a stranger…

If you want to read more about GENERATIONS and what it is… Click Here…

If you want to read more about the GENERATIONS line-up that I posted last week… Click Here…

Here is the confirmed line-up. I’ve added one or two more cars in there since my post last week. One of them is a car that I have been waiting to see in person myself after all these years and that’s Spriggan aka Terry Suvonnarith’s Acura Integra from the Northwest. He’s bringing it out for one time only for this GENERATIONS line-up… If you don’t know who I’m talking about, check out his Honda Tuning feature from back in March 2012 HERE…

Past Group

  • Junko Le /Kyosho Racing / DC2 Integra (The original Kyosho Racing Top Fuel Integra)
  • Mike / DOHC Garage / EG Civic (It is with great honor that we present JDM Jon Tanji’s Civic in his memory)
  • Parnell Navarro/ Kosoku / DA Integra (Kosoku Mugen Integra)
  • Kane Chan/ Street Image Performance / EJ1 Honda Civic (Civic built from the ground-up since it was purchased brand new from the factory)
  • Jonathan Wong / Macross7 / EF Honda Civic (Super Street Head Editor’s Osaka JDM/Kanjo-style EF)
  • Lee Randle / FFSquad / DC2 ITR (Original FFSquad member known for the infamous “Spanky” EG)
  • Arn Reyes / Abunai Racing / DC2 Acura Integra (Arn is responsible for building one of the most recognized Integras ever. Original innovator of the 24K Mugen M7)
  • Dave Chik / Metrospeed / DA Integra (aka DAve. Absolutely one of the cleanest DA Integras ever built. Bought brand new in 1991 and still frozen in time.)
  • Jason Haradon/ – / DA Integra (Jason also has one of the most timeless DA Integras of all time. One of those builds you have to see in person to truly appreciate.)
  • Jorge Hernandez / ICB Motorsports / EG Civic (Jorge from AZ. and his gold EG are one of the staples in the Honda industry and has been featured in print like 5 different times.)
  • Geoffrey Pascual / Freshdrive / S2000 (Mugen’d-out S2000 from Freshdrive that has remained basically unchanged since mid 2000)
  • Charles Trieu / – / Acura Legend (Import Tuner head editor’s one of a kind Legend build)
  • Elton Lo / Raceline USA / DC2 ITR (Raceline’s Integra Type R built for road racing, drag, and land speed racing)
  • Mike G / Devine Wind / EG Civic (The world famous Tank returns to Nisei once again.)
  • Leon Casino / IV Ace / CR-X (Leon’s CR-Xs are one of the most recognized EF builds ever.)
  • Kelvin Bulda / – / EK Civic (Norcal Civic that you probably remember more for having an Airwalker front, black moldings, and GABsport wheels during the mid 2000s)
  • Andy Hope / – / EF Civic (Andy’s pristine EF hatchback daily driver)
  • Andy Hope / – / EF CR-X (Andy’s CR-X racecar that will be on the cover of this year’s Honda Tuning Race Issue)
  • Angelo Arayata / – / EF Civic (One of the cleanest and most subtle EF builds you will ever see)
  • Mike Huie / Pitcrew Motorsports / DC2 Integra (Owner of one of the original Socal import speed shops’ DC2 Integra)

Present Group

  • Ryan Der / ATS Garage / EK Civic
  • Anh Truong / ATS Garage / DC2 ITR
  • Chris Sakai / ATS Garage / EK Civic
  • Jay Powers / ATS Garage / EK Civic
  • Lisa Powers / ATS Garage / DC2 Integra
  • John Nguyen / ATS Garage / E-AT Civic
  • Michael Estebar / ATS Garage / EF Civic (Debuting at Nisei)
  • David Andrade / DPK / EJ1 Civic
  • Jared Aguila / DPK / S2000
  • J.P. Cao / DPK / EG Civic
  • Jimmy Uria / DPK / del Sol
  • Jeremy Duarte / Bandits / DB8 ITR
  • Danny Hernandez / Bandits / EK Civic (Debuting at Nisei)
  • Nisa Duarte / Bandits / EK9 Civic N1
  • Jimmy Neitte / Bandits / EG Civic
  • Mike Trevino / Bandits / EG Civic
  • Nick Wong / Bandits / EG Civic
  • Mark Sutakajana  / FX Auto Design / DB Integra
  • Teddy Timoteo / FX Auto Design / EK Civic
  • Big Mike / – / BB4 Prelude
  • Michael Mao / Vanguard Collective / NSX
  • Bay Mao / Vanguard Collective / S2000
  • Jay Mayuga / – / CL7 TSX
  • Sam Ip Nguyen / Harlots / FA5 Civic
  • Chivas Sotelo / Royal Origin / EM1 Civic
  • Gerald Reyes / Royal Origin / DC2 Integra
  • RC Chacon / RCG / EG Civic
  • Mike Schietroma / ICB Motorsports / EM1 Civic
  • Tom Liang / Tom-Attack / EF Civic
  • Alex Soto / Sheepey Built / DC2 Integra
  • Bisi Ezerioha / Bisimoto Engineering / Civic Wagon
  • Harvey Flores / Tronics / DB Integra
  • Joey Abundiz / Tronics / del Sol
  • Enrique Rosario / – / EG Civic
  • Alex Colon / – / EG Civic
  • Dave Martin / – / DC Integra
  • Frank Garcia / Downstar Inc. / DC Integra
  • Jose Guzman / Sportcar Motion / DC5 RSX
  • Morgan Jade / Sportcar Motion / FA5 Civic Si
  • Ejay Adriano / Kosoku / DA Integra
  • Salem / Phaze2 / TSX
  • Arnel Ortiz / Phaze2 / EG Civic
  • Xuan Py / Raceline USA / DC2 ITR
  • Joseph Bundalian / Raceline USA /DC2 ITR
  • Jay Gerolaga / Raceline USA / DC2 ITR
  • Larry Luster / Raceline USA / DC2 ITR
  • Terry Suvonnarith / Trikspeed / DC2 Integra (Socal Debut)

Future Group

  • Loi Song / Sportcar Motion / DC2 ITR
  • Daniel Herrera / Sportcar Motion / CR-Z
  • Brian Nguyen / – / CR-Z
  • Loi Hua / Loi-Spec Garage / DC2 ITR
  • Brian Hua / Loi-Spec Garage / DB Integra
  • Lewis Liang / Loi-Spec Garage / DC2 ITR
  • Jayden Lam / Loi-Spec Garage / DC2 ITR

Pretty extensive line-up, am I right? Haha. For the next day or so I’m going to try to figure out how to cram all this Honda goodness into Nisei Showoff. Wish me luck. I really hope you guys come to check it out. It’s going to be a monumental grouping of Hondas and I think you’ll appreciate your hobby a lot more after you have some time in front of these great builds. I know there have been a ton of shows lately with a bunch of the same cars over and over. I promise that this will be a different type of event with cars that you won’t see again at a car show. It’s a dream for Honda heads to be able to see some of these cars in person finally. For me personally, I wouldn’t miss this for the world. Terry aka Spriggan’s Integra is a build that would have been worth the price of admission to see finally after only seeing it in photos after all these years…

Oh I forgot to mention this but you too can be a part of history. I made a limited run of 200 of these GENERATIONS decals that will be available at the Nisei Showoff event at my booth. These were printed and I won’t ever make these again so grab one while you can! These will be on display on every Honda in the GENERATIONS line-up to represent their appearance in this Saturday’s line-up. These are like collector’s items!…

August 11th, downtown LA… see you then!!

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