I’m sure there’s a lot to be said about what you’re going to see, being that this is a collection of video clips that span the course of 5 incredibly eventful years of my life. So many faces, so many places, all made possible by doing what we love. For those who don’t like to read and want to skip right to the action, I suppose I can leave you with this thought:

If one day, somebody asks you what ‘The Chronicles’ was all about, all you would have to do is show them this video.

There was a span of time during 2018 when I wasn’t in the most happy of places. Life had seemingly steered itself on to a completely new course which was unfamiliar to me. Simply put, it has been a rough, albeit educational, year… I learned a lot about myself and more importantly, the people around me. I usually like to put together little compilation pieces of video with friends towards the end of the year to recap but one night, I just started going through my various external hard drives and pulling up some of my favorite moments from years past. The Vlog series that spawned from working on The Chronicles didn’t technically start until the fall of 2014, but during my adventures before that, roughly the beginning of 2013, Ryan Der and I had already started playing around with video. It wasn’t anything we had ever planned on doing seriously, it was all in good fun, which I think translates very well to what we show you month-to-month. Whenever we see and experience cool shit, I’d like to capture it to show the world and to tell our story. Nothing is ever planned while we film. To say it is ‘candid’ would be the ultimate understatement and what we capture is very organic and off-the-cuff.

That night while reacquainting myself with these said video clips, I thought it would be a really cool idea to try to encompass all five years worth of video into one piece. If it was for anyone to see, I guess it would be for myself, to sort of remind myself that I had created a pretty profound and interesting life for myself and my dearest of friends. I lost track of how many clips are actually compiled into this 5-minute piece. I also lost track of how many times I’ve revised this video, going over it what seems like a thousand times now throughout the course of the last few months. Whenever I would recall a particular moment that stood out to me, I would turn on my computer and try to dig up the clip and try to time it correctly into this sequence of video files.

It was by no means an easy task, because though I am not a video guy by trade or by skill or expertise, I fancy myself a bit of a perfectionist as a creative. Like my photography, I am completely self-taught and still endlessly trying to learn. What I’ve always been very adept at was telling a story. It is important to me that I present my story to the world, raw and unfiltered. What you will see above is our story, from our many journeys throughout the world doing what we love with cars and meeting the most fascinating of characters. If one day I disappeared and you never heard from me again, I think this body of work would speak very well for me and what mattered to me the most; the human aspect of my passion documenting car culture through my own eyes. The people make this special. The cars and what we do with them are merely a by-product of the overall experience. Some have come and gone, relationships that either grew apart through its natural course or by circumstance. Many more who have remained strong in their bonds and people who I plan to maintain great relationships with until our time on this Earth is over. All were and are incredibly important, though near or far. They hold great value to my life experience, past, present and future.

I titled this piece “VICTORY” because we triumphed in our pursuit to live the life we imagined and continue to do so moving forward.

“Passion First, The Rest Will Follow.”

This is our VICTORY.

—JOEY aka “Stickydiljoe”

P.S. I also decided to title it that because “I’ve seen a lot of cool shit with really great fucking people” doesn’t look nearly as cool fading into the title sequence as you’d imagine…

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