The Finale Of My Adventures In Japan…

A month and a day in Japan. It’s time for me to go home to Los Angeles. It’s been fun but the summer is coming and Japan is not the place to be during those months. We pick up this final episode right where the last one left-off at the Chan-Oka Honda Meet. There were still many cars to go over and I provide some insight on how I feel about West Coast Honda style/culture being translated to Japanese Honda builds. After the meet, I head to the parking lot to give you guys a look at one of the coolest Mini builds ever before heading over to “Built By Legends”. There, we get an in-depth look at their ongoing Spoon Sports concept EG6 Civic build and try to understand what the whole purpose of the project is for…

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Yasu Shimomukai (@exceed_jpn)
Built By Legends (@builtbylegends)

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