Happy Honda Holidays From Me To You…

Seasons greetings everyone! It’s the holiday season and everyone out here seems to be organizing toy drive-themed car events every weekend. It’s all for a good cause so we make sure to show up to as many as we can to give back. It’s also nice just to do car things and see friends of course so why not take advantage of time to do both? First, we stop by the GReddy Food Drive to drop-off some raffle prizes, then we head to our friend Barry Ancheta’s Stay Classick Sleighride event to drop-off some toys and see some good Honda builds!! I think you guys will enjoy this particular episode if you’ve been a subscriber for a long time here. It’ll give you guys a good glimpse of what 2023 holds….better video quality, including 4K resolution! I’m still undecided on whether or not to go full 60 FPS because I enjoy the more cinematic feel of 30 FPS but I’ll leave it up to you guys. Let me know what you guys think!! Oh yeah, and Ryan Der continues to make progress on his Civic project as well. He’s ramping up to finally make some major changes to the car so stay tuned if you enjoy his build thus far…

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  1. Happy Holidays to The Chronicles as well.

    Really dig the 60fps but as you mention about cinematic qualities of 30fps you can alternate between these two by using 30fps perhaps for specific parts you might want to use for scene highlights or cut scenes. Can really make it interesting if you can deal with the extra hassle of deciding and switching between frame capture settings.

    Thought we’d see Yuta around in this holiday special. Is Yuta still with The Chronicles?

    Just things don’t seem to be the usual without him.

    We are all waiting for the suspenseful answer!

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