Surprise Car Meet At The Shop And I Got A New Job!! CHRNCLS Vlog 2021 #10

We haven’t done a Chronicles & Coffee gathering at the shop in a while but since Memorial Day weekend was coming and we didn’t have any plans, I decided to go ahead and set one up last minute! So in this episode, you get a glimpse of what happened that day and whether or not people actually showed-up or not! Before that however, I give you guys a glimpse into what I actually do as a freelance photographer and bring you guys along on a new gig I recently got for Meguiar’s “Portrait of an Icon” series!!

(Chronicles Vlog 2021 Episode 10)

Joey Lee (@stickydiljoe)
Ryan Der (@ryan.der)
Chuy Navarro (@c.navarro3)
Mark Moonoz (@moonoz27)

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