Back On The Road For Wekfest Seattle!!… CHRNCLS Vlog 2021 #20

Boy does it feel good to be back on the road again! It seems like forever ago since we’ve traveled for Wekfest but the show series is back now to close-out 2021. This was an interesting one because we go back-to-back for Seattle and Los Angeles for the first-time. We made sure to find some time to relax and just hang-out however, before the madness begins. Like my other visits to the Pacific Northwest, I make a traditional visit over to my friend Terry’s house where they were prepping their cars for the show. There’s plenty to see in this one, enjoy!

(Chronicles Vlog 2021 Episode 20)

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  1. Can always trust PNW to do it right. 🙏

    Koguchi Power 240 looks amazing.

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